We are celebrating that, in 2025, our country will be the host to the 39th Hemispheric Insurance Conference!
In the Asociación de Aseguradoras Privadas de Costa Rica we feel honored for hosting this iconic event from the insurance industry.

The country offers an excellent scenario for investments and provides a great opportunity to develop new businesses while allowing for the friendly encounter of sector leaders and entrepreneurial authorities at the global level.

The Hemispheric Insurance Conference is organized every two years by the Interamerican Federation of Insurance Companies, FIDES, to provide the industry with a platform of current and relevant contents for the development of insurance markets in America and Spain.

The 39th Hemispheric Conference FIDES PURA VIDA @Costa Rica 2025, is our next gathering point. We look forward to seen you!

Fides is a non-profit organization that represents 20 countries from Latin America, the United States and Spain.

To foster insurance and reinsurance development, by supporting, disseminating and promoting the great benefits the sector brings to the economies and the people in the twenty country members it represents. Additionally, FIDES defends the general interests of its members in the professional, economic or commercial fields, and maintains the representation of the section with the regulatory entities and the different international organizations in the financial field.

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The passing of Law 8956, Law for the Regulation of the Insurance Market, in 2008, set a significant milestone in the opening of the insurance market in our country.

This legislation opened the doors to competition and transparency in the insurance industry by eliminating regulatory barriers and promoting the entry of new companies. Since then, consumers have had access to a greater range of options and competitive prices in insurance. The opening of the market has promoted innovation and improvement in the services offered by the insurance companies, which has not only benefitted the clients who are offered a greater range of products, but also promoted the growth and modernization of the insurance industry in the country.


  • Although the country is small and covers only 0.03% of the area of the planet, it has the privilege of hosting 5% of the biodiversity of the world. 25.58% of its territory is protected under different conservation forms.
  • It is a very important program in all strategic efforts for Meeting Tourism which main objective is for the participant to leave an important legacy not only in Costa Rica, but all over the world, by offsetting the carbon print
  • MICE FOREST seeks to make a connection between society and the planet, reforesting dry tropical forests in the area of Guanacaste in order to also re-incorporate species.
  • All this is monitored and cared for by a scientific station, and the participants of FIDES PURA VIDA@Costa Rica 2025 will be able to see, on line, the forest planted with the proceeds from the registration

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country with a great tourist potential which places it as one of the most visited international destinations.

Democracy, peace, a country without an army since 1948 which also offers an excellent scenario for investments and for the establishment of important international companies thanks to the well-recognized academic level of its population, the Good standard of modern services and its socio-political stability.

Costa Rica has a population of approximately 4 890 379 inhabitants, out of which 2 467 829 are men and 2 422 551 are women.

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